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Savings Account Rates Today: Texas First Bank HSA at 0.90% APY

Texas First Bank

Many families struggle with paying for the escalating costs of medical care. Traditional savings accounts help cover some of the expenses, but are not designed to be an efficient resource for all health care costs. Health savings accounts, on the other hand, are specifically designed to pay for qualified medical costs on a pretax basis, all the while providing high-yield savings account rates. One such product is the health savings account offered through Texas First Bank, which offers an interest rate of 0.90% APY.

Texas First Bank Health Savings Account: Terms and Conditions

This high-yield savings account comes with a rate of 0.90% APY, compounded monthly, and can be used to pay for qualified medical costs on a pretax basis. There are no minimum opening balance requirements.

About Texas First State

Texas First Bank has been serving the state since 1973, when a group of investors lead by local banking pioneer Charles T. Doyle bought First State Bank of Hitchcock. After several decades and many additional acquisitions, the bank has grown to 24 local banking centers. Texas First Bank prides itself on never pursuing risky asset investments, instead focusing on providing the best rates to its valued customers and lending money to quality borrowers.

Find a high-yield savings account to help pay for medical costs.

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