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PrimeWay FCU Makes Credit Card Rewards Easy to Earn

Credit card online purchaseIf you are looking for a credit card that is packed with rewards, then look no further than PrimeWay Federal Credit Union’s Rewards! program. Through its shopping sites and easy-to-earn points for dining out, PrimeWay‘s Rewards! program benefits members regardless of their shopping preferences.

3 Ways to Shop With PrimeWay FCU Rewards!

With convenient portals and a high number of rewards points granted for purchases, frequenting the local mall will become obsolete.

Perks Points Mall

Combining the best of both worlds, PrimeWay’s Perks Points Mall lets cardholders redeem points with regional and national merchants all from its online shopping showcase. When cardholders shop, they earn rewards using a Rewards! Card. Providing the fastest way to redemption, all purchases earn five points for every dollar spent at the Perks Point Mall.

More Points Shopping Website

Similar to the Perks Points Mall, cardholders shopping at the More Points shopping website are rewarded with three points for every dollar spent. The points add up quickly, giving cardholders the option to select whatever type of reward they want in a short period of time!

Reward Yourself for Dining Out

Cardholders who like to dine out are in luck. Through a partnership with Restaurant.com, cardholders can rack up rewards and save with every lunch and dinner experience. The only thing members have to do is buy whatever discounted gift certificate they want by logging into their Rewards! accounts, selecting restaurant discounts under the perks tab and completing the purchase with the Rewards! Platinum Visa card. It’s easy to earn points while cardholders benefit from Restaurant.com’s 40 percent discount at over 18,000 restaurants throughout the country.

The rewards program is just one way PrimeWay gives back to its members, by rewarding them for purchases they need to make, as well as experiences they’ll enjoy.

For more than 75 years, PrimeWay has given members of the greater Houston metro area, including Harris and Fort Bend counties, impeccable banking and member service. PrimeWay is a community leader because it delivers top-notch service to its members.