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3 Credit Card Rewards Houston Residents Need to Take Advantage Of

Credit Card Rewards

Rewards credit cards are an excellent way to get something back for your regular spending in the Houston area. Whether you are dining at one of Houston’s premier restaurants or shopping for the perfect gift at The Galleria, you can use a rewards card to start building rewards points to use over the course of the year.

Cards like the PrimeWay Federal Credit Union cards that come with Rewards!* can offer favorable terms to help your money go further, like a low APR* starting at 7.49% and double rewards points on everyday purchases. Strategically charging frequent purchases on a PrimeWay Rewards! credit card, such as groceries or gas, can help you build funding for bucket-list travel plans, charitable donations and dining out for special events.

A rewards credit card, however, can tempt cardholders to spend more to meet bonus point offers or make purchases they normally wouldn’t just to reach the next points level. Using rewards cards in Houston to get bonus points and promotional offers only makes sense for your finances if you can pay the balance in full each month, or at least keep the balance relatively low, to avoid paying a lot of interest. In addition, it’s essential to pay your bill on time to avoid late fees. Otherwise, leaving a high balance on the card month to month or not paying your bill on time could cancel out savings offered by credit card rewards. To get the most from your rewards spending, here are a few ways to spend smarter with your rewards credit card to help accomplish some of your goals.

Best Ways to Use Your Credit Card Rewards Points

In order to meet spending goals, the following are three ways you can spend smarter with your Rewards! credit card.

1. Know Where to Get Bonus Credit Card Rewards Points

Some rewards cards will give you increased chances of earning points, such as double rewards for using the card to buy gas or groceries. For example, PrimeWay gives cardholders three extra points for every $1 spent using the Rewards! card on the More Points shopping site and five points for every $1 at the Perks Points Mall online shopping network. Making sure you use the card for purchases that get you additional points will help you to build rewards faster and manage your budget.

2. Save Up Credit Card Rewards Points to Fund Your Goals

Having rewards points sitting in your account can feel like money in your pocket just waiting to be spent. Saving your rewards for a larger purchase can actually pay off more in the long run when used to fund spending that falls outside of your normal budget, like a vacation, upgraded phone or going to a concert. You could finally make a trip overseas or take advantage of the many cruises that depart from Houston to fulfill your goal to travel more. Or you could opt to use reward points to make a generous charitable donation that will make you feel good in the moment and again when it’s time to file your tax deductions.

3. Get Discounts for Dining Out By Charging to a Rewards Card

Although you should be able to pay out of pocket for dining out in Houston, you could use your Rewards! credit card to get additional points and discounts by buying restaurant gift cards at Restaurants.com. Rewards! cardholders save an average of up to 40 percent off at more than 18,000 restaurants in the United States, which helps you stop overspending on eating out.

*Some restrictions apply. A full disclosure of the Rewards! cards terms and conditions can be found here.

Photo credit: Mike Reys