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Top 10 Banks with the Best Houston CD Rates Today

Houston CD ratesLooking for a certificate of deposit? You’re going to want the best CD rates in HoustonHouston CD rates can change quickly and vary widely, so the team at HoustonBankingRates went ahead and did the legwork for you, hunting down the best CD rates in Houston. Take a look at what the following banks have to offer and make a call to deposit into a competitive certificate of deposit account today.

Plus4 Credit Union

Plus4 Credit Union offers some of the best Houston CD rates. If you’re in the market for a longer-term CD, Plus4 Credit Union is the place for you:

12 Month: .76% APY
24 Month: 1.04% APY
36 Month: 1.15% APY
60 Month: 1.36% APY

First Service Credit Union

The First Service Credit Union allows you to get some of the best CD rates in Houston without giving your money to a for-profit bank. The current Houston CD rates are:

6 Month: .40% APY
12 Month: .60% APY
18 Month: .65% APY
24 Month: .90% APY
36 Month: 1.20% APY
48 Month: 1.35% APY
60 Month: 1.75% APY

Alliant Credit Union

Not all the best Houston CD rates comes from commercial bank. At Alliant Credit Union, there aren’t “certificates of deposit” per se, rather you purchase additional ownership shares in Alliant as a member owner.

12-17 Months: .75% APY
18-23 Months: .90% APY
24-35 Months: 1.05% APY
36-47 Months: 1.25% APY
48-60 Months: 1.55% APY

USE Credit Union Texas

USE CU Texas provides excellent rates on certificates of deposit for people looking on the greater Houston area. CD rates for deposits of $5,000 include:

6 Month CD Account: .25% APY
12 Month CD Account: .35% APY
18-30 Month CD Account: .45% APY
36-60 Month CD Account: .55% APY

Nizari Progressive Credit Union

Nizari Progressive Credit Union is currently offering the following best CD rates in Houston:

6 Month CD Account: .4004 % APY
12 Month CD Account: .7018 % APY
2 Year CD Account: 1.1549 % APY

Integrity Bank, SSB

Get the best CD rates in Houston at Integrity Bank, SSB. Current rates for short- and long-term CDs are:

6 Month CD Account: .50% APY
12 Month CD Account: .90% APY
2 Year CD Account: 1.10% APY

Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union

Southwest Airline Federal Credit Union allows you to take the money that you would put into a for-profit commercial CD and reinvest it in your community. The following Houston CD rates are available at Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union:

6 Month CD Account: 0.55% APY
12 Month CD Account: 0.85% APY
2 Year CD Account: 1.15% APY

Golden Bank, National Association

Golden Bank, N.A. offers flexible certificates of deposit that run from two weeks to several years. Some of the best CD rates in Houston at Golden Bank include:

6 Month CD Account: .30% APY
12 Month CD Account: .70% APY
2 Year CD Account: .85% APY

El Paso Corporation Credit Union

If you’re looking for a certificate of deposit, check out El Paso Corporation Credit Union. Your money will go back into a nonprofit benefiting your community, rather than into a for-profit commercial bank. The Houston CD rates are competitive:

6 Month CD Account: .40% APY
12 Month CD Account: .60% APY
2 Year CD Account: .90% APY

JSC Federal Credit Union

JSC Federal Credit Union allows you to invest in your family’s future and the community. If you’re searching for the best CD rates in Houston, have a look at JSC Federal Credit Union, currently offering the following:

6 Month CD Account: .55% APY
12 Month CD Account: .80% APY
2 Year CD Account: 1.11% APY