Houston Banking Rates

Houston CD Rates vs. National CD Rates

When you’re searching online for the best Houston CD accounts you can find, you might become confused as to whether local or national CD rates can offer you the most for your money. The truth is that you should be going for the highest return on your deposit as possible, regardless of who is offering the high rate. However, local banks and credit unions are known to offer greater return rates than their national competitors for a number of reasons.

Local banks and credit unions are able to offer the best CD rates because they don’t have the overhead costs of larger banks. They can also dedicate their efforts in marketing towards local customers only, luring them away from the big banks with higher rates and better service. However, that’s not to say that larger banks don’t have their advantages as well, such as more convenient locations and better online banking capabilities.

The choice is yours when determining whether Houston, TX CD rates are better than national rates. Be sure to take all the points mentioned into consideration before you make a decision with your money. Use our online rate comparison chart to find the best rate, and be sure that you are always looking to maximize your return rates.