Find the best Houston bank rates, including CD rates, savings rates, mortgage rates and auto loan rates.

About Houston Banking Rates

Welcome to Houston Banking Rates, your source for the best available interest rate information. We’re connected to hundreds of Houston banks and credit unions to bring you the best rates, financial information and banking products.

How Does Houston Banking Rates Work?

Houston Banking Rates aggregates interest rates from all over the country and makes it available on the site through articles, rates tables and other tools. Financial institutions have the option of updating their own rates on the site and we manually collect the rest.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Nothing! All of this information is made available at no cost to visitors, so they may freely browse all the interest rates in the city as often as they wish, as well as access the informational resources we provide to help local residents understand what these rates mean and navigate the world of finance as it relates to Houston, Texas.

Types of Interest Rates Found on Houston Banking Rates

Houston Banking Rates collects interest rates for a variety of deposit accounts and loans. Below are all the financial products in Houston you can find more information about on the site:

  • Houston Savings Rates: The foundation to any financial plan, Houston saving accounts are offered by just about every financial institution in the Houston area.
  • CD Rates in Houston: A certificate of deposit allows depositors to earn better rates than most traditional savings accounts can offer, in return for committing to a set investment period. Houston Banking Rates collects rates for 6-month, 12-month and 24-month CDs in the area.
  • Mortgage Rates in Houston: You will find a host of data for mortgage loans in Houston, Texas, including for both fixed-rate and ARM home loans, as well as refinancing.
  • Houston Auto Loan Rates: Whether you’re planning to finance a new or used car, Houston Banking Rates can help you locate the top auto loan offers from local lenders.
  • Student Loan Rates in Houston: The cost of attending college is only going up, so most students will need a loan to cover it all. Houston Banking Rates assists visitors in understanding the different types of student loans in Houston and how to find the best one.
  • Personal Loan Rates in Houston: Especially during an economic downturn, Houston residents often need help making ends meet. We explain the various personal options in the city and where you can find them.
  • Houston Credit Card Rates: Credit card debt can be avoided if you secure a low interest rate. Houston Banking Rates provides tips and resources for accomplishing this.

How Is Houston Banking Rates Different from Other Finance Websites?

Unlike similar sites that aggregate interest rate data, Houston Banking Rates is the only online resource dedicated to finding and sharing truly local rates.

While other websites place emphasis on larger chain, national and online banks, Houston Banking Rates also surveys smaller local banks and credit unions throughout the city to capture the most accurate and exhaustive inventory of deposit and loan rates available to Houston residents.

The Houston Rates Table

One of the best features Houston Banking Rates has to offer is the rates table. Our rates table houses all the CD and savings interest rates we collect and refreshes automatically as our database is updated.

You will find a simplified version of the rates table on the homepage of Houston Banking Rates. This allows you to view Houston deposit rates by highest rate or see all the recent rate changes.

Houston Banking Rates Table

Each interest rate listed in the table displays the APY, the financial institution where it’s available and the date the rate was updated.

If you visit either the Savings Rates or CD Rates pages, you will be able to view the full rates table as customized for the category. In other words, the savings page features a rates table with savings account rates from local Houston financial institutions, and the CD page will feature only CD rates.

Houston Banking Rates CD and Savings Table

If you find a particular rate you’re interested in, or want to see more rates beyond what’s available in Houston, you can click through from the table to our national site, Here you can view detailed rates pages for individual financial institutions and view interest rates available anywhere in the country. You can even sort by institution type or term length.

Additional Resources Houston Banking Rates Offers

Local interest rates are the focus of Houston Banking Rates, but the site has plenty more to offer visitors than just the numbers. We strive to deliver an all-encompassing look at Houston’s financial landscape so residents can make well-informed decisions regarding how they save and spend money.

Banks List

If you’re interested in contacting a particular bank or credit union regarding a rate you see on Houston Banking Rates, you can visit the Houston Banks List to find their branch location. In fact, the Banks List provides contact information for all the financial institutions within the Houston Banking Rates database that are in or near the city.

Finance Articles

Houston Banking Rates strives to be a resource for more than interest rates alone. It’s also important you understand how different interest rates affect your finances. That’s why our team of dedicated finance writers and experts work to bring you articles, infographics and more that make comprehending, interpreting and applying new learning to your own financial situation easier.

Houston Banking Rates Articles

Bank and Credit Union-Specific Information

Banks and credit unions are very different types of financial institutions, both of which have a number of benefits to offer account holders. If you prefer banks, or are perhaps interested in joining a credit union, you can see rates and data specific to either. By visiting Houston Banks or Houston Credit Unions pages, you can find interest rate information related specifically to each.

Helpful Houston Links

In addition to Houston Banking Rates, there are several other informational and financial online resources specific to the Houston, Texas area that you may find useful.

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Banks and Credit Unions In Houston And Surrounding Areas

  • Houston Chronicle Employees Federal Credit Union

    P.O. Box 4260
    Houston, TX 77210
  • Kbr Heritage Credit Union

    P O Box 4557
    Houston, TX 77210
  • PrimeWay Federal Credit Union

    PO Box 53088
    Houston, TX 77052
  • Vista Bank Texas

    1415 Louisiana, Ste. 400
    Houston, TX 77002
  • Amegy Bank

    1100 Louisiana
    Houston, TX 77002
  • Chase

    600 Travis
    Houston, TX 77002
  • Houston Municipal Employees Credit Union

    611 Walker 1st Floor
    Houston, TX 77002
  • Amegy Bank

    1801 Main Street
    Houston, TX 77002